Celebrities Comment On First Debate But We Ignore It

Washington DC - Where dreams of crushing other people's dreams come true.
Washington DC – Where dreams of crushing other people’s dreams come true.

As both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump rear up to take charge and move head on through the first presidential debate of this election, everyone who’s anyone is now making their opinions and voices both heard and known. Celebrities, from A to Z are weighing in and letting us all know what they think, feel and see as the only way to vote. With such a huge election, with possibly the most swing voters set to turn out and sway the election results, we figured now would be the best time to round up our thoughts on the celebrities tweets, status updates and press releases.

Our thoughts are simply this. We don’t care. Kim Kardashian just told us who she’s voting for. Do we want to know? No, because it’s Kim Kardashian. If she announces that she’s voting for the same person I intended to, I might just have to vote the opposite, just because it’s her.

Does it matter who the Duck Dynasty or Kid Rock are voting for? Well, they sure think we need to know. I can tell you this much, I’ll care about what Kid Rock has to say when he starts caring about how bad his music is. Also, do we need to take political advice from people who are better at communicating with waterfowl than they are with other human beings? I don’t think so.

Donnie Wahlberg, who most people barely remember, has come out as supporting someone, but we didn’t catch who it was because we immediately tuned out once we realized it was going to be news about something related to a New Kids On The Block z-lister.

Kat Dennings has also endorsed a candidate, announcing her support of Hillary Clinton in a tiny, simple tweet. I paid attention to that one because it’s Kat Dennings. I would pay attention to her listing the ingredients on the back of a Twinkie box, because she’s amazing and gorgeous and I want to tell her things like, “I really value you as a person,” and “No, you can totally have the last slice of pizza.” I heart you, Kat Dennings.

Whenever a famous person tells us who they are voting for, especially when they are barely famous anymore, it always comes off like a desperate attempt to remain relevant. They haven’t done anything current and thus they need to remind us of their existence by attaching themselves to current events, like Scott Baio. Does he really think that all the Happy Days and Charles In Charge fans are going to just going to line up behind him and cast a vote for whoever he says? He hasn’t made a good decision in 30 years, why would we trust his decisions now? Are we supposed to care what these people think, just because they are famous?

Let’s put it this way, no one is more famous than the two candidates running at the moment, and if they can’t sway our vote in either direction, why would less famous people’s opinions be able to? The easy answer is because as people, we are mostly stupid. I’d really hate to believe that to be true, but I guess we’ll just have to find out after the election. Either way, I already know that Samuel L. Jackson and Bryan Cranston are voting for the same person as Kat Dennings. I just really wish that Kim Kardashian wasn’t voting for them, too.