Former Reagan Director: “I’m Voting For Clinton!”

Former President Bill Clinton
Former President Bill Clinton

Former political director, Frank Lavin, may not know exactly who is running for president right now, but he knows that he is not voting for Donald Trump. For the first time in 40 years he will be voting for a Democrat.

“Yeah, I’m done. Anyone, really, just anyone else. Thankfully, Clinton is running and he seemed to have done a pretty good job before.”

When asked to clarify his statement, since Hilary Clinton is running for president, not former president William “Bill” Clinton, he seemed a bit confused.

“If you’re telling me that a woman is running for president, I’m just going to laugh at you and pretend like you’re about to tell me that you’re some crazy person coming back from the future. That was a pretty good movie. I liked that Huey Lewis song. It was so catchy!”

We tried to convince him that it was indeed Hilary Clinton that was running against Donald Trump, but he refused to believe us.

“No woman is going to tell us how to tell women what to do with their body parts and how to act. That is firmly and justly a man’s place. Could you imagine that? Getting permission from a woman to do things? That would set this country back so far we’d be asking someone to make America great again. I’d sooner see another actor run for president.”