Government Asks George R.R. Martin To Rewrite Election So That Everyone Dies

The government wants a do-over, and one filled with lots of good deaths.
The government wants a do-over, and one filled with lots of good deaths.

Just about everyone is tired, fed-up and done with this entire election cycle. It’s been called a joke, appalling, deplorable, embarrassing and a farce. Most people aren’t happy with the final choices of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and the average outlook is grim. The United States could use a booster shot to the morale center, but the odds are against us. This all started a while ago, with the veritable cornucopia of ridiculousness that was our candidate selection process and it only seemed to get worse from there. The US Government, however, may have a solution, though it might be too little too late.

The USA is asking George R.R. Martin to re-script the election, from scratch, and wipe everyone out. In a hail of bullets, swords, knives and blood, we’d be back to a clean slate. It would be like we never heard the foolishness from Ben Carson about grain silos or Jim Webb basically crying about white people ignored in this country… to a room full of Democrats. You almost forgot about that one, right? Yeesh.

Before we got to this basket of deplorables or, as I like to call them, the choices so expendable, we had a full year and more of foolishness. It hasn’t ended yet and most likely won’t end after the election, either. We’ve got an other 4 to 8 years worth of stupidity coming our way, regardless of who is elected… so why not go back, try to erase all of that and put ourselves in a better place for some new choices.

Take them out! All of them!

That’s the decree and we sure hope good ole’ George can step up to bat. Maybe only slightly wound Bernie Sander, though. He’s a pretty decent guy. He doesn’t need to be taken out of the picture, entirely. We can still use him. That Mike Huckabee, though, let’s get him and Trump to a Red Wedding!