Pussies Grab Back As Cats React To The Don At The 2nd 2016 Debate

These poor pussies have been grabbed without permission for far to long and they are just tired of it. Thankfully, Susan B. Anarchy, our new contributor, was there in time to catch these playful kitties’ reactions to Donald Trump at this 2nd 2016 Presidential Debate. Warning: it isn’t for the faint of heart. There are lots of pictures of young pussycats up in here. One might call it kitty porn. – Adam Taint

When you’re watching the debate and you see the guy who grabbed you


“No one has more respect for women than I do”


The Moderators are retaining control


“Maybe there is no hacking”


Q: “Do you use loopholes to avoid paying taxes?”

A: “Yes.”

Q: “For how long?”

A: “I pay taxes, I pay plenty of taxes.”


You’re not letting me talk over you enough!


“Coal will last us a thousand years”