Americans Running Out Of Supervillain Group Names For Trump Cabinet

Our one solace right now is the colorful world of comic books
Our one solace right now is the colorful world of comic books

The Legion of Doom. The Injustice League. The Serpent Society. You’ve read all of these names before in your childhood and forgot about many of them, until now. For those of us that are still reading comic books, we never forgot, but a real life reminder of what these bad guys were to our heroes has no come in the form of Donald Trump’s choices for cabinet members.

We keep hearing The Legion of Doom thrown about the most, but just about every other supervillain team has been mentioned. A potential resource crisis has come about, however, as citizens are running out of names to bring up. In a sort of geeky one-up-manship, folks have been obsessed with adding more obscure group names to the list and are starting to come up empty. They are running out of supervillain groups to namedrop, and it’s getting worrisome.

“I stopped at the U-Foes. I couldn’t think of anything more obscure than that. Then someone brought up the Children of the Vault and I was kicking myself in the ass for not remembering them,” said Antoine Fordham of Lawrence, Kansas. “There are just only so many people can remember! Like, who remembers the Time Stealers from Booster Gold? Anybody? Nope, no one does!”

While the obvious ones have all been mentioned, a few have seemed to go unnoticed, but once we mention them here they will be off limits for others to one-up each other with. As it is our duty to report the news fully and justly, we have to mention the Twelve Brothers in Silk from Birds of Prey and The Assembly of Evil that appeared during Marvel’s Acts of Vengeance. We actually think that might be the most appropriate comparison, so far. Sorry, you can’t use those names now. We’ve used them.