Democrats Vow To Make America Greater Again In 2020

May she ever wave, like the hair on many of our non-white heads.
May she ever wave, like the hair on many of our non-white heads.

Without skipping a beat, Democrats have set their sights on the next election. The loss to Donald Trump has left an aching, huge, bloody hole in the heart of America’s Thinking Core, but they have chosen to get right back on their feet, after they cry about the whole thing for about 48 hours.

Hillary Clinton’s loss came as a huge shock to so many that forgot she was one of the most constantly vilified politicians of the past few decades. Republicans didn’t like her. Democrats didn’t like her. People who nothing about her didn’t like her. People just really didn’t like her. Why? Many wouldn’t even be able to tell you why, but they knew that they didn’t like her.

The DNC colluding to keep Bernie Sanders, the people’s choice, out of this election was also not a popular move. With the DNC largely looking to take a kick to the face for all of this, they are still determined.

“We won’t sleep. We won’t take this on the chin. We are going to sally forth, pick up our bags, lick our wounds and make sure that 2020 isn’t more of the same. I remember a time when we could go outside without fear of being attacked for our race, color, skin, gender or sexuality. Well, not everywhere, and not that long ago, but at least in our blue states, we felt pretty safe. I mean, there was still the threat of rape at every corner for just about every city in America for all women… I guess around the world, but you know what I mean. Now it feels terrifying just to travel a few blocks and we sure as hell don’t want that to last more than 4 years. We don’t even want it for those 4 years! We want to go back to those comfortable, less insane and more progressive times. Just a few years ago people were being more respectful, women were making strides closer towards equal pay and gays finally could marry! Remember that? Let’s get back to that! LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT, no GREATER than it ever has been! Let’s make America GREATER, again!” This woman preferred not to be named as of yet because she still wasn’t sure who she could trust or what person she might run into that has opposing beliefs.

We’re with you, Janet. Ah crap, sorry.