Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Have A Problem Remembering Their Friends

The Trumps and Clintons just chilling, planning our demise at the 14th Annual Trump Wedding.
The Trumps and Clintons just chilling, planning our demise at the 14th Annual Trump Wedding.

When you first walk into a room at a party, there is a certain amount of acknowledgment you expect to get from your friends and family that already in there. Do you go up to greet them or do they come up to greet you? There are many factors that will attribute to this situation and the choices that come with it, but in general, we call that the “first hail.” It shows who cares and respects about the other, especially when it comes to effort in acknowledging your presence.

Well, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have a big problem with the “first hail” or really any hail at all. The KKK and associates of the KKK have openly endorsed Donald Trump, but he acts like your old girlfriend that kept her relationship with you on the down low because she was too embarrassed to let everyone know she was having the sex with you… even though she liked it… a lot. See, the KKK is just not attractive enough for Trump. They are like at a 4 or 5 and he’s all about 9s and 10s. I mean, hell, that’s his biggest defence for not sexually assaulting any of the women he deems physically unfit for his sexual scrutiny.

How about Trump’s old buddy from the Mafia days of Atlantic City,  Robert LiButti? There is video from Wrestlmania IV in Atlantic City, NJ that shows them together. 1988 wasn’t that long ago to completely forget the whole thing. He’s trying to act like they were never buddies when they probably shared high-priced prostitutes and cocaine that night. How could you forget a night like that, especially when Macho Man Randy Savage beat Ted Dibiase, The Million Dollar Man? We remember!

Now, Hillary Clinton isn’t exempt from this level of forgetfulness, either. I mean, she’s known Sidney Blumenthal for decades, but you’d only know that because Trump won’t stop saying his name. The man was a bit of a monster towards Bill Clinton’s mistresses as well as alleged sexual assault victims, so we can understand her wanting to keep the distance, but it’s not fooling anyone. You don’t forget a man like this exists… unless of course, he is Donald Trump.

You know, one of her oldest friends? I mean, she and Bill were guests at his wedding, after all. They were all together, having drinks, laughing, plotting the destruction of our planet and the withering of our souls, 11 years ago. Here we are, about to watch their plans take fruition. They’re buddies, but you would never know by how they act in the room together.

Do they have hate sex when we aren’t watching? I really hope they don’t. Just the vision of that is terrifying… but not improbable. They have brought each other more money than either of us will ever see in our lifetimes, but they can’t remember that they are friends.

Now, the point of all of this, really, is that if you can’t remember who your friends are, how can you take care of your citizens? Yeah, there was a point to all of this. I think I might just get there, if you give me a few seconds.

If you can’t remember who your friends are then you will also be quick to make new enemies. When your friends rank so low that they get tossed out with the dirty laundry, because they don’t suit your current needs, so will whatever demographic you are pandering to at the moment.

The fried chicken, the hot sauce, the baby kissing and yes, even calling people “the blacks” are all a form of pandering, but just to the people you’re going to forget when you don’t need them. So, members of the Ku Klux Klan, mafia and the rest of the United states, you have to ask yourself this question: do you want these people to forget you exist? They are already acting like they do. Even the Lannisters in Game of Thrones never forget a debt, and those people are monsters.