First Contact From TRAPPIST-1 Aliens Beg Us To Stay Away

The first new life in space is smarter than we are.
The first new life in space is smarter than we are.

NASA announced yesterday that they have discovered a new solar system that has 7 planets, of which at least 3 are more than likely capable of sustaining some form of life.

As scientists, fans of science and skeptics all weighed in on the issue, wondering if there was life on those planets, a few transmissions were finally revealed to have been received by NASA in multiple languages and forms of written communication.

It looks like we may have finally contacted the first intelligent life anywhere in the known Universe. No, there is no intelligent life on Earth.

Anyhow, after being deciphered the message from the alien beings was quite simple but very direct. Here is what their messages said.

Thanks for reaching out. There is nobody home right now, but please, don’t leave a message. In fact, leave us alone. We’re doing just fine. No need to come visit. Just leave us be. Oh, and no, we don’t have any oil.

Scientists are astonished but most likely the USA won’t heed their message and we’re sure to ruin things with them, as usual.