Marine Le Pen Determined To Prove Women Are Equally Awful

The sequel to Brexit and Trump is a gender-swapped reboot.
The sequel to Brexit and Trump is a gender-swapped reboot.

While the United States has to deal with rampant misogyny, sexism, racism, rape culture and the constant licking and sniffing of the glass ceiling, France is trying to change how we see women in power and remove all hope from our thoughts. As Marine Le Pen, the head of the National Front and potential new leader of the French world, makes her way towards the croissant office, she takes a new approach of hate, ignorance and bigotry usually only associated with male politicians.

This all-new, all-different, gender-swapped reboot of the Brexit and Trump mistakes, that have shown just how stupid the planet is, hopes to assert that, yes, women can be vapid, bigoted, racist and the crappy offspring of awful politicians, too.

Shockingly enough, we have not observed much of the French media having any discussions about her attire, style, looks or attractiveness. A large contrast to what would happen if she was running for leadership in the United States, we might prefer to have those crappy things happen here than have her try to ruin our already ruined political landscape any further.

Marine Le Pen, who’s name roughly translates to Water The Pen, could potentially join Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin as the most made fun of, hard to take seriously heads of state that wound up taking over their countries and becoming more memes than actual leaders.