Minorities And Poor Excited To Vote For People That Don’t Represent Them

Keep playing that flute, marching on into certain doom.
Keep playing that flute, marching on into certain doom.

Is it possible to back the wrong horse? Are individuals not allowed to choose who they believe in? Should logic, self-preservation and commonality ever have anything to do with your choices when it is time to vote? You’d think so, but many people out there just simply don’t care.

“I like that I know where he stands. Some of the other people running seem to just say whatever they will to get the vote. Him? Not so much,” says Ramjay Chaudry. Who is he speaking about? He doesn’t know. “You know, the guy with the… the one running. Him… with the hair.”

As far as elections go, this one might be the first for people voting because someone has or doesn’t have hair. It might be the first one where the vote goes to “you know, the guy.” The uninformed public are going to be making decisions and many are going to be against their own best interest.

“I like her because she seems to really stand by her opinions and because she’s for gay marriage,” said Erin Kaminski. We then informed her that Hillary Clinton didn’t always support gay marriage, and thus she doesn’t always stand by her opinions for long. “Oh, well… at least she does now, right?”

“I want a president that represents me. I want someone that stands up to help the poor, that doesn’t have self-interests involved with their politics, that might actually look out for the little guy. With that being said, I’m not voting, because that person doesn’t exist.” Jason Finkelstein makes minimum wage at his job shaving pigs and is tired of the money in politics, so he’s not voting. “I was pretty sure I was going to vote for Trump, at first, but the more I heard him talk the more he reminded me of my job. I can’t go home and put on the State of the Union Address and feel like I’m at work, shaving pigs.  I just can’t do that. Then I read about his policies and realized he’s not the guy for me. I read up on Hillary Clinton and realized that she might be the person for me, but then tomorrow she might not… and then she might be again two days later. I can’t deal with that kind of back and forth. I need some firm commitment.”

With groups like Latinos for Trump, Blacks for Trump, Gays for Trump, People Who Aren’t Bankers for Hillary and people who are voting for Gary Johnson, it’s amazing to see that such a terrible election could elicit not only so many emotions, but so many people willing to vote against their own benefit or even self-preservation.