NRA Wastes $3 Million On Bashing Hilary Clinton, Already Regrets Purchase

This is for shooting...
This is for shooting…

The National Rifle Association launched a new ad Tuesday that aimed right for Hilary Clinton.  The ad targets her gun control policies and costs a whopping $3 Million dollars just to get seen in Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

According to an NRA spokeswoman, this hefty price-tag set it as the most expensive pro-Trump ad buy, to date. This ridiculous purchase comes under fire from those that simply wonder why you would spend that much on an ad that wasn’t for beer during the Super Bowl.

“I… really, don’t get it. I’m not sure what we were thinking. I think it just sounded like a good soundbite, you know? Like that’s just so much money for an ad! It shows so much confidence. That was until I realized that we probably should have spent it on guns and ammo. I mean, if Hilary winds up president she’s obviously going to take away all of our guns, so we really should have just put that money to better use,” said NRA spokeswoman, Dana Loesch.

Some other things that the NRA  could have purchased with $3 Million are:

  • 450 lbs of marijuana
  • The world’s most expensive RV: The Element Palazzo
  • 150,000 lap dances
  • 3,750,000 cans of cat food
  • A 300,000 year subscription to Guns & Ammo Magazine
  • Feeding. bathing and sheltering the homeless in at least 3 towns
  • Hiring a hitman to take out Doland Trump and allow someone else the whole GOP will actually get behind to run in his stead

With so many better options, it’s easy to see how the National Rifle Association has such buyer remorse. It’s too late for them to go with any of those options but maybe next time they’ll learn to not fire off at the hip so soon.