Rats Fleeing Sinking Ship Offended By Comparison To GOP

Sink or swim? These rats are fleeing, fully clothed and on a boat, with dignity.
Sink or swim? These rats are fleeing, fully clothed and on a boat, with dignity.

It really does take a lot to offend the sensibilities of a rat, but it has happened, and this time you can blame the media. Yes, the conspiracy theorists cries of “blame the media” are actually valid, as from one major site and newspaper to the next, all you can see are headlines like “Republicans Flee Backing Of Trump Like Rats From A Sinking Ship.” This imagery is painted, repeatedly, from one source to another, fostering one of the oldest cliches we have ever heard, as humans.

Well, some rats have noticed and they are not happy with the comparison. One in particular, Buck┬áMuridae, has written an open letter to the media in hopes that the offensive, and potentially racist, stereotype doesn’t continue.

Dear members of the media,

I am a rat. I am proud to be a rat. My ancestors and I have survived untold horrors perpetrated by humans, other animals and nature alike, just to be able to forage into a new world, lead a better life and care for our children. Some of us even had to eat our children to survive, but those of us that have made it to see this day do not deserve the unjust slighting we are getting at this moment.

You have been rallying your hatred behind this terrible, offensive human being and are now shocked that he’s been terrible and offensive in the past? Well, that’s all fine and good, until you bring my family and friends into it. Comparing the GOP pulling out of support for Donald Trump to that of us rats fleeing a sinking ship is not only ignorant, but tone deaf, offensive and, yes, racist. The trials and tribulations that my ancestors have faced, during their travels to the United States and other places abroad should not be trivialized. It’s bad enough that we had to compete with mice and other, lesser rodents that never gave us credit or appreciation for sharing the grains and food that we salvaged from these wrecks. Having humans turn our misfortune into a catchy cliche, on every newspaper and website is just a huge slap in the face.

How would you like it if a newspaper said something like “Republicans jump out of the GOP like people jumping out of a collapsing skyscraper?” Does that sound catchy to you? Oh, I bet you’re offended by that one, and you should be. This is the same kind of treatment we’re getting. Not only do you leave us to eat your scarps and garbage, but judging by your headlines you think we are the garbage.

If you agree with me, then please, share this message. Be our ally. This isn’t about being politically correct, this is about doing the right thing.

Buck┬áMuridae – A rat and proud