Rotting Bag Of Cottage Cheese Thrown Out Of White House Two Weeks Ago But It Still Stinks

Those bags of cottage cheese just don't last long.
Those bags of cottage cheese just don’t last long.

In a surprise announcement, the White House confirmed today that it threw out a bag of rotting cottage cheese two weeks ago. This information came as a surprise to many as they thought that disgusting bag of stinking, white refuse would never be tossed out into the garbage where it belongs.

Oddly enough, the sent of rancid, dairy air can still be detected all around the White House as hardly anyone noticed a change.

“It’s still awful in here. I mean, just this weekend were were asking ourselves when the gross lumps of regurgitated cow fat would be out of here since the influence was felt in every speech that Trump had to deliver. We had no idea that it had already been sent to the landfill,” an unnamed White House aide that did not want to be identified told us.

Considering the intense rotten smells and feeling that hangs heavy in the air of Washington DC, many were shocked to see that getting rid of this sack of curdling curds did nothing to stop horrid reality we’ve all had to live with there for the past few months.

There was no reason given for why this rancid sack of scum was thrown out but we just as soon accepted the notion that there is never a reason needed to get rid of stinking slop and unwanted rubbish.