Sean Spicer Resigns Thanks To Trump Hiring Gollum As Communications Director

Gollum has accepted a new position in Washington.
Gollum has accepted a new position in Washington.

It has been a strange year for politics, especially in Washington, but things are about to get a whole lot stranger.

Sean Spicer, the now-former White House Press Secretary has resigned thanks to the appointing of a new Communications Director by President Donald Trump. Considering all that Trump has done up to this point, most analysts are mystified as to why this has broken the proverbial camel’s back.

With all the other bad choices that have come about, the appointing of Gollum as the Communications Director is really no surprise. He has an addiction problem, multiple personality disorder, a speech impediment and is otherwise terrible at communication all together. Of course he would be Trump’s first pick.

Sean Spicer was unavailable for comments but we did catch up with Gollum who gave us this short response you can listen, right here:

“*inaudible* We does not care about greedy fat hobbitses… Sean Spicer… Master wants us to keep going as if nothing is happening. You see, if we be nice to press, then press be nice to us… and all will be forgotten. *inaudible*”