Socks The Cat To Be Next Clinton Family Member To Be Groomed For The White House

Who's a cute future little president? Who? Yes you are! YES YOU ARE!
Who’s a cute future little president? Who? Yes you are! YES YOU ARE!

While the Republicans have had a failed retention of their dynasty, with Jeb Bush losing out to Donald Trump or just about anyone else with a pulse in this election cycle, the Clinton dynasty looks to officially have begun with Hillary just about on her way to become our next President of the United States. With her daughter, Chelsea, already seeming to be on her way up the political ladder, people are starting to get uncomfortable that we’ll be seeing Clintons as presidents from this point forward.

That is, except, for when it comes to Socks. Socks Clinton, the cutest, furriest member of the Clinton family, may not be the obvious future choice for POTUS, with him being dead, and all, but that isn’t going to stop the Clintons. Looking for an obvious replacement that will also be named Socks, the search is on for the future new cat in town that will also carry the reigns in the Clinton family once they are handed over to him, or her!

With the ridiculous cat-related catch phrases coming out of Donald Trump’s campaign, they could have potential political fodder for years to come. Since the previous Socks lived a full 20 years, there is no real time limit for the new Socks the cat to gain a political stranglehold on America, making it the most powerful pussy in the nation.

How will the United States handle it’s first cat President? Well, as long as the cat is groomed for the role, properly, I think we’ll be okay, but I am no fan of dynasties in a democracy or republic. The dangers of corruption and self-serving politics are very real there. The conspiracy theories abound are enough, such as the PUSA theory. If you abbreviate President of the USA you generally get PUSA. Pusa is the┬áTagalog word for cat, so many Filipino Americans have been theorizing that we were going to get a cat for a president for years. Is this just the culmination of a long planned conspiracy? Is the illuminati really getting their way or is this just some ridiculous coincidence? I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.

Oh my God, you’re so widdle and cute! Those paws. Those tiny adorable paws. Awwwwwwwwwwww

Who's a cute future little president? Who? Yes you are! YES YOU ARE!