Thousands Of Americans Denied “I Voted” Stickers, Invalidating Their Votes

Did you get your I Voted sticker today? If not, you didn't vote.
Did you get your I Voted sticker today? If not, you didn’t vote.

Americans all over the country took to social media to show off their “I Voted” stickers today, but for some people, the acknowledgement sadly was not there. From state to state, city to city, complaints were registered on-line by folks who were shocked to find out that there were no stickers waiting for them after they did their civic duty.

Disappointed voters were met with outrage, disbelief and a feeling of disenfranchisement with the entire voting system in the United States. “What was the point? If I don’t get to wear a sticker that tells everyone that I voted, how will they even believe me? Will my vote even count?” Dianne Zeldamenn of Hoboken, NJ asked, with deep concern.

The answer, surprisingly, is no. Your vote did not count. The United States only officially acknowledges votes that were awarded an “I Voted” sticker. All non-stickered votes are considered backup votes that will only come to play if there is a tie breaker necessary.

Entire counties, cities and maybe even states may have registered thousands upon thousands of votes that may never be accepted as “real” unless things get really heated and close.

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