Twitter Is More Racist Than Your Crazy, Drunk Uncle

Nazis are the worst. We all love Indiana Jones, Captain American and Wonder Woman and they hate Nazis!
Nazis are the worst. We all love Indiana Jones, Captain American and Wonder Woman and they hate Nazis!

Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Just don’t let them use Twitter, please. They might find the worst people, ever, to interact with. I’m not talking about millennial, hipster trolls, that get their rocks off by making ironic statements and fighting with you on-line, even when they know you’re right. I’m talking about white supremacists, white nationalists, the KKK, Neo-Nazis, the Islamic State, Westboro Baptists and a slew of other crazy, racist hatemongers.

Twitter has seen the growth of racists jerks by thousands over the past few years. Many will attribute it to Trump allowing people to show their true colors, while being loud and proud about it. Unsurprisingly, many of these folks follow Trump and Trump groups. These brown-hating, anti-gay folks somehow manage to be voting for the same person as the “Gays for Trump” or “Hispanics for Trump” camp, yet if they were all in the same room they would all be fighting and killing each other. Still, I’m not sure that it’s Trump that has them all coming out of the shadows.

People are just garbage. Racist people and hateful people will eventually show their true colors. They aren’t smart enough to be able to hide that kind of nasty for too long. Sure, they might get a cooking show or become millionaires from making fart whistles, but that doesn’t mean they won’t trip up and show how much they hate anyone that isn’t them.

Twitter’s policies make them a bit slow-to-act when it comes to hate groups. They went on full scale attack mode to try to remove ISIS from Twitter, but that proved difficult for them and would require them to do more work than most tech workers want to do. I mean, come on, it’s a pain in the ass just filling out the tag list on this blog. I sigh really hard every time I have to do it. Still, they see almost no action taken when it comes to white-supremacy groups. They just love them, apparently. Twitter is a breeding ground for cowardly, racist a-holes behind a keyboard, and I’m not talking about the keyboardist from Ace of Base.

The fact that NAZI and white supremacists groups have higher follower counts than ISIS, by about as much as 22 times more, makes me think they should be the group people should be horrified and terrified of in the USA, not ISIS. They are already here, are trying to get their golden boy up as president and want to get rid of all the kitchen staff at your favorite restaurants, all the tech support for your computer products, your favorite ethnic chefs, the dancing Fanta soda girls, and the cast of Modern Family. We can’t let them win and Twitter will just let them have a huge, ugly voice, like an overweight Bob Dylan. We must do something about this. Go, make angry tweets at them. Send them private messages of your brown private parts. Send them pictures of men making out or delicious tacos. Do whatever you have to do to scare them off of social media and let them know, we will not go down without a keyboard fight!