Unknown, Former CIA Operative Gaining In GOP Backing Against Trump

Top Secret!
Top Secret!

A completely unknown, unnamed Republican, only known as a former CIA operative is currently gaining followers in the GOP as they are backing away from Donald Trump.

“We have no idea who he is, what he has done, if he supports or has even enacted the use of waterboard torture during his tenure at the CIA, but we like him… at least I think it’s a him. We’re going to lose this party if we let Trump be our guy so some of us are fighting against it and saying NEVER TRUMP,” said a GOP representative that wishes to remain nameless.

With no name, no identity, record nor do we even know the gender of the person they are backing, we asked if it would just be simpler to back Hilary Clinton in the race for the White house.

“Oh, Jesus f@ck#ng Christ, are you insane? We’re trying to run a political party here, not just throw in the towel and concede our loss before the race is even run. Look, she might align with us on matters of business, and yeah she was once against same-sex marriage, but none of that matters now. She’s running for the other team and you NEVER root for the other team! I know so many others are saying they are voting Democrat while claiming they’re still a Republican, but I’m a man built of sterner stuff. Just… please, you know, don’t print my name in this.”

With record numbers of Republicans looking to oust one of their own in Trump this Fall, it will be interesting to see if an invisible being that may not even exist could possibly rule over the Republican party… more than one already does.