USA To North Korea: “Our D*ck Is Bigger!”

Well, it couldn't get more clear than this. It's become a d*ck waving contest.
Well, it couldn’t get more clear than this. It’s become a d*ck waving contest.

After North Korea showed off that it has been conducting nuclear weapons tests, the united states decided it was time to give a show of force by basically sending two large, flying penises over their waters, letting them know just where we stand.

Adorned with the message, “OUR D*CK IS BIGGER!” two B-1 bombers flew by North Korea to let them know what’s what. As a playful show of force, this was a stern message letting them know that our cocksure Air Force, nuclear weapons and military strength are not to be messed with. I mean, we do spend more on the military than just about every other nation combined, so if we don’t get to unzip and let it hang out every once in awhile, what’s the point of all that spending? It’s kind of like when a woman gets breast implants. Sure, it might help with her self esteem, but soon enough she’s going to whip those puppies out every chance she gets. She paid good money for them. There is no reason to keep them hidden because she wants to get her money’s worth!

Anyhow, North Korea’s response was expected, as officials sent out a message saying, “It’s a nice bluff. Really, decent sized bluff, but we aren’t intimidated. Our nuclear weapons may be younger and seem smaller from afar, but we’re a grower not a shower.”

The relationship between North Korea has always been rough, but things are getting serious when both parties start waving their Johnsons around at each other.

We’ve censored the image of one of the bombers sent over, but if you wish to see the uncensored version, please click on the photo below:

Well, it couldn't get more clear than this. It's become a d*ck waving contest.