Walk of Fame Replaces Donald Trump’s Tribute With Brown Star

With Donald Trump's brown star available for all to see, shouldn't we be calling this the walk of shame?
With Donald Trump’s brown star available for all to see, shouldn’t we be calling this the walk of shame?

After vandals have desecrated the Donald Trump star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, those that run the much celebrated cultural icon were stuck trying to figure out what to do next. Replacing the star with an identical one would just leave it open to further vandalism and destruction. Removing it completely would set a nasty precedent for future famous people’s stars, after they say or do something people don’t like agree with. Think of how many stars would be wiped out just because of Scientology or date rape drugs?

Finally, after much debate and problem solving, the board came up with a solution: let’s give Trump a new, brown star. It would replace the damaged star but let people know, “yes, we think he’s an asshole, too.”

It allows Donald Trump to maintain his status as a person of note and fame on the Walk, but it still separates him from those that we generally think should be applauded. While someone like “Weird Al” Yankovic had to wait many years to finally get his deserved star, it makes many people wonder why Trump should have one. “Weird Al” is known to be kind, compassionate and have actual talents and merit that have made him relevant every year he’s been active as a musician. Donald Trump? Not so much.

So the best solution, really, is to let him have his damn star but change it up a bit. Give him the brown star he deserves. A brown eye for a brown eye, an asshole for an asshole.