A Bunch Of Dicks Vote To Make Life Harder For Vaginas

The heroic volunteers of Planned Parenthood
The heroic volunteers of Planned Parenthood

While the gaggle of overall dicks that makes up the Senate were split 50/50 on a bill set to make the existence of Planned Parenthood a thing of the past, the leader of all dicks, Mike Pence, was the tie-breaker, dooming the world to unsafe abortions, more rampant cervical cancer, sexually transmitted disease and overall vaginal doom.

Expressly being a woman-hating men’s club, the Senate has deemed it necessary to make life harder for their mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, mistresses and prostitutes. Well, except for those that prefer the taste of young men, usually in secret and usually under-age. Some even voted to make life for themselves a bit more difficult.

The majority of the few women in senate watched in horror as they were deemed second-class citizens by their peers and realized that, yet again, that they would be stuck between a bunch of flaccid dicks and a hard place.

Hopefully, something can be done to keep this situation from getting worse, but knowing how terrified these old men are of anything that has to do with lady parts, unless they get to ruin them, they will avoid fixing this at all costs. Unfortunately, no matter how many old dicks you round up, they’ll seldom find a way to make any vaginas happy.