Donald Trump Backs Off Of Most Campaign Promises After Being Briefed On Existence Of Aliens

The truth is out there and now Donald Trump knows it.
The truth is out there and now Donald Trump knows it.

After meeting with Barack Obama, the joint chiefs of staff and the rest of the Washington D.C. think-tank, President Elect Donald Trump was briefed on all matters of national security. From nuclear codes and terrorists to time travelers and aliens, Donald Trump now knows everything he needs to know to run the country.

Upon learning that not only do aliens exist, but that they are Catholic, Donald Trump quickly started backpedaling on many of his campaign talking points and promises. What to illegal aliens matter when there are extraterrestrial aliens? What good is a wall between Mexico and the USA when we can’t build a space wall?

The terror in his eyes and the humbling that happened to the man was fiercely evident when watching him on 60 Minutes this week. Of course, he also went back on his promises of being anti-establishment by filling up his cabinet with nothing but big money lobbyists and businessmen, but even that seemed to be an afterthought. He’s terrified. He doesn’t want to wake up with a facehugger on his noggin and it seems that’s all his fearful eyes see when he is trying to sleep.

Our future President seems to be much more subdued as of late but how long will it be for his initial shock on the presence of alien life to wear off? Time will only tell.