Donald Trump Mistakenly Tweets Nuclear Arming Code “Covfefe”

This mushroom cloud might represent the sate of the USA in a few months.
This mushroom cloud might represent the sate of the USA in a few months.

Everyday, President Donald Trump manages to surprise us with a new social networking low, whether it be cursing out a celebrity, complaining about the news or posting photos of him eating Tex/Mex food. Well, recently, he sank to a new, ultimate bottom, putting everyone in the world at risk. We’ve grown used to expecting some idiotic nonsense to tumble out of his mouth or through his greasy, fat fingers, but not generally something that could send us into a post-apocalyptic reality.

During one of his 3am Twitter tirades, Trump wrote the phrase “covfefe” in a tweet. What seemed like an innocent flub that was missed by spellcheck, autocomplete and the subhuman eye, turned out to be far more grave in nature. Covfefe is, or I should say, was the password necessary to deactivate the¬†Permissive Action Link (PAL) which protects our nuclear devices.

Considering that Trump has been recklessly using his personal smartphone to speak to dignitaries around the world, sending unsecured work e-mails and sexting with his daughter Ivanka, him unleashing the one thing that is keeping the United States from being one giant mushroom cloud on Twitter was unsurprisingly bound to happen.

The United States military rushed to change any and all arming codes necessary once this happened. Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time the USA has fumbled the nuclear football, as the old password years ago was “000000000.”