Legendary Good Guy With A Gun Found Shot To Death

The Legendary Good Guy With A Gun Or Two
The Legendary Good Guy With A Gun Or Two

We have some sad news to report, today, as the oft spoken of Good Guy With A Gun was found dead this morning. Authorities are still not sure if the gunshot wound is indicative of a homicide or if it was self-inflicted, but those details will be released later after further investigation is completed.

The legendary Good Guy With A Gun has been talked about for years, always admired by the NRA and Second Amendment rights activists. Seldom seen but always talked about, he’s known to show up, just in the nick of time, to stop the infamous Bad Guys With Guns. Though his appearances have been incredibly sparse, he still was given the same respect and reverence as if he had been there to stop the thousands upon thousands of deaths due to gun violence in the USA every year.

Whether it has been school shootings, liquor store robberies, assassination attempts, gang murders, domestic violence, workplace violence, sexual assault murders or just bumbling idiots that don’t know how to handle a firearm properly, the Good Guy With A Gun was someone you could count on to show up to stop it… once out of every few million cases.

Yeah, he really sucked at his job but the world still loves just the idea of him, despite his poor work performance.

He will be missed and mourned. Hopefully it was a suicide, because if the Good Guy With A Gun couldn’t have saved himself from being killed by a Bad Guy With A Gun, we’re going to have to start hoping for a Better Guy With A Gun to show up and deliver us from future terrors.