Republicans Motion To Ban Signs Claiming They Are Not Covered By 2nd Amendment

Who doesn't like a good war? That's just silly!
Who doesn’t like a good war? That’s just silly!

After a man made an obvious threat against Donald Trump’s life, Republicans are trying to fast track a motion that bans signs, banners and anything else that people might use at a rally to harm their beloved candidate.

While the secret service attacked and pummeled the man, who turned to to be a republican with an anti-trump sign, they are being heralded for their bravery against things with words on them. Reading isn’t exactly the strongest suit of this party, so anything with words on it can pose a threat.

On top of that, the possibility of beheading Donald Trump was a grim reality they had to face, as a larger paper sign might be able to cause the world’s most lethal paper cut. The crowd was stunned as not a single gun was pulled out to shoot the man with the sign, considering how much these people love to talk about how one good guy with a gun could defeat any possible threat. What we learned is that signs and banners are far more dangerous than any gun, since the entire crowd was looking to disperse. It looked like the earth had opened up and giant spiders were chasing them from the opening, judging by the fear in their eyes and incapability they had to protect themselves against reading his sign.

They are set to claim that these weapons, often used during acts of of textual harassment, are not covered by the second amendment rights, as they are not firearms. I guess what I’m really trying to say is, these people are idiots. The measure is not expect to pass as that would require congress to actually meet and do something.