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Your Preferred Candidate Is Leading In The Polls Of Your Favorite News Source

Filling out questionnaires has never been easier when they are basically telling you what to answer.

The figures have just come in and depending on your political leaning, your candidate seems to be winning. This information is a big change over the last election, where...

Media To Continue Releasing Maps Of Ridiculous Voter Scenarios

America isn't red white and blue, but the people sure were when we were killing all the Native Americans.

If you’ve been paying attention to the last few days worth of news, you’ll notice that many political outlets have been release hypothetical voting maps based on a varying...

Binary Voting System Abolished As The Main 2 Parties Split Into 64,568

If it feels like you're seeing double or triple, it's because even the most diverse political landscape can be boiled down to 2 basic schools of thought.

With this upcoming Presidential election, people are feeling pretty upset about their limited choices for presidential candidates. As the two-party system has been developing less and less stable ideas...