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Trump’s Secret Soviet Past Tied To Gorky Park

Another brick in the Russian wall

As we are all eagerly awaiting the results of the many secret probes happening in Washington DC, the anticipation on word about the definite collusion of Donald Trump’s campaign...

USA And Russia Prepare For Cold War 2: Electric Booglaoo

Boy, do we humans love a parade. Nothing gets us motivated and going like watching people walk as large groups. Holy crap, is that stupid when you really think about it.

They say a sequel can never be as good as the original, but there have been a few exceptions like Terminator 2, Aliens and of course World War 2....

Putin Resurrects KGB To Bring Home Yakov Smirnoff

The Russian Honor Guard guards the honor of Russians so no one else can have any.

We thought we heard the last of Russia’s most feared and dangerous asset, but we were wrong.¬†Yakov Smirnoff is about to make headlines again. Oh, and Vladimir Putin also...