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Mike Pence Is A Replicant Android

Do Androids dream of 4 year term limits, the vice presidency and emotionless rhetoric?

Thanks to Mike Pence’s very robotic and emotionless response to a 12 year old girl asking about Donald Trump’s horrible words about women’s looks, we can now come to...

Man Mistakenly Walks Into VP Debate Instead of Fart Contest, Doesn’t Notice For 30 Minutes

If you've seen one university auditorium, you've basically seen them all.

Farmville, VA local, Edward Bernstain, somehow managed to spend a half hour at the vice-presidential debate at Longwood University, completely by mistake. He was baffled, especially at the fact...

Mike Pence’s Only Major Headlines Are About His Haircut, Including This One

Nope, that’s not even Mike Pence getting a haircut because no one cares about him enough to have royalty free images of him.

After our exposé on how we found out that Mike Pence Is So Unloved And Unimportant That Royalty Free Photos Of Him Do Not Exist, we really expected him to...