Trump Orders USA To Pull Out Of Kathy Griffin By 2020

Kathy Griffin in 2008, way before people remembered who she was.
Kathy Griffin in 2008, way before people remembered who she was.

In a historical move that will be talked about for many years to come, Donald Trump has put his foot down and insisted that the United States pulls out of Kathy Griffin by 2020. Stating that he thinks our energies will be better spent elsewhere, he does not believe the verifiable science that has been presented to go against his demands and wishes.

While Kathy Griffin has had many ups and downs over the past few decades, the current trending is on an upscale, showing that the heat is ever increasing this year on all things Kathy Griffin. The sustained heat could possibly decrease, but that does not mean that she will go cold and frigid, overall.

The rest of the world chastises President’s Trump decision, as they are left to deal with and penetrate the defenses of Kathy Griffin without our help.

“I can not believe that the French people are left to satisfy Kathy Griffin in her ever increasing heat without any help from the United States. The American people are disappointed with Trump’s choice and so are we. Kathy Griffin should not just be the problem of every other nation in the world when the United States is the world’s leading contributor of Kathy Griffin.” French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe was visibly upset addressing the current need for stronger regulations against Kathy Griffin.

There has been no response from the White House yet on this matter, but we’re sure that they are preparing the immense clean up needed before we pull out of Kathy Griffin.