Sen. Ted Cruz Opposes ICANN In Order To Erase Zodiac Killer References

Who are these shady internet characters? Is it ICANN or the Zodiac Killers?
Who are these shady internet characters? Is it ICANN or the Zodiac Killers?

Senator Ted Cruz is doing something none of us expecting: he’s championing the ideas of a free and uncensored internet. He’s trying to keep the internet from falling under the full control of ICANN as the government wants to keep away from having any control over the world wide web and leave it under┬áprivate, non-profit control. While he keeps saying it’s because he wants the internet to remain a free and open place for the first amendment to exist, most people think that’s complete nonsense.

As any expert would tell you, the government stepping away from any control of the WWW is generally considered a great thing, because when the elephant and mule crap hits the fan, nothing happens to the internet. We will be able to say and do as we please on it. Unlike countries like China, Russia and North Korea, where the internet seems to be able to be turned on and off with a single press of a button, we’d still be able to post during an uprising, political movement or when a really bad musical guest is playing half time at the Super Bowl.

So, with that whole malarky dispelled, why does he want the government to remain in partial control of the internet, when he’s a Republican and is constantly warning and going against government controlled anything? The Zodiac Killer.

Yes, we’ve all seen the craze memes and laughed our way around and through pages and pages of funny stuff on how Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer. None of us believed it. Everyone thought it was a joke. There is no way he could have committed those heinous crimes because he wasn’t even born yet. Well, how convenient would it be if all of a sudden he was able to mandate a removal of any reference where his name and the Zodiac Killer came up on an article.

You wouldn’t even be able to read this article. That’s right, he wants to censor The Hoof and Trunk Post. Granted, he doesn’t know that I’m writing this right now… or does he?

See, if the government can have control over what shows up on the internet, then they can see that this is currently being written in draft mode on my CMS since this is all on the internet. He might know I’m writing about him right now and wants to stop me. Well, we can’t let that happen. I can’t be bullied by Ted Cruz or anyone else, for that matter. The freedom of speech that we have as Americans should be supported by the government but not made possible by them.

So, I’m not really saying that he is the Zodiac Killer because things like logic, science and factual basis prevent me from reaching to that conclusion, but if you’re reading this website you’re not bound by those things because you’re just another simple minded american that likes to let other people make your decisions for you so I’m going to make this one for you right now.

Even though we have no proof or reason to believe that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer, he’s totally the Zodiac Killer. Done. Now you believe. Go out into the world and tell everyone. Or don’t. It’s totally up to you, but just know that if ICANN do it, so can you.