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Hillary Clinton Issues Colbert Style Green Screen Challenge

You too can now enter the Hillary Clinton Green Screen Challenge!

Like Stephen Colbert before her, Hillary Clinton has called upon the internet to have fun with her campaign footage and just have wacky, zany fun with computer assisted imagery!...

Investigations Into Scott Walker’s “Dark Money” Show Racial Bias In Terminology

Who needs deplorables when you can have baskets of money as a politician?

Not everyone has heard of Scott Walker and his campaign scheme, so let’s break it down really quickly for you. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s 2012 recall election campaign was...

Mike Pence To Say More Shocking Things Just To Get Noticed

Contrary to popular belief, the White House was not destroyed by alien invaders.

We’ve already told you that no one really knows who Mike Pence is and that his haircut gets more press than he does, and now it seems as though he has...