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Donald Trump Won’t Go To The White House Correspondents’ Dinner Because He’s A Punk-Ass Bitch

No hope in this great, white dope.

One might remember that now-President Donald Trump was once verbally sterilized by Seth Meyers and President Barack Obama back in 2011 at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. The thin-skinned,...

White House To Be Subsidized By Corporate Sponsorship Starting In Fall Of 2017

This is a mockup of what the White House will look like after corporate sponsorships begin.

Congress has approved a measure to help subsidize the costs of running the US Government by allowing corporate sponsors to adorn the White House with their emblems. Sponsors will...

Mike Pence To Say More Shocking Things Just To Get Noticed

Contrary to popular belief, the White House was not destroyed by alien invaders.

We’ve already told you that no one really knows who Mike Pence is and that his haircut gets more press than he does, and now it seems as though he has...