Trump Twitter Tirade Takes Dark Turn

Trump really needs to leave Twitter.
Trump really needs to leave Twitter.

Donald Trump has seemingly had a Twitter problem from the moment he joined the social network, but things are spiraling out of control, darkly. We’re used to him commenting on TV, whether it’s what show is on that night, something said on the news he doesn’t agree with or critiquing someone who took his job. There are a ton of different reasons why he would take to Twitter to run his mouth, but none of them are ever really “good” reasons.

Well, Today’s ranting might be his worst and could possibly get him removed from the service.

It started innocently enough, with him talking about the Tony Awards and making his complaints, as usual.

Trump Tweets

And then a little bit more on edge, but still what we’ve come to expect from the big, orange goofball:
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And then it took a turn for the bizarre, dark and eventually sad. He is becoming unhinged and I’m terrified of what that might cause him to do next:
sad trump tweets
sad trumpSadder trump
horny trump
He needs help and he needs it soon. He’s unhinged and this country is much worse for the wear with these revealing thoughts of his in an obvious moment of weakness.