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Final Presidential Debate Moved To High Desert State Prison

Is it possible to do time and have a second term at the same time? I bet they feel the same.

In a shocking move, the powers that be have decided to move the final Presidential Debate of 2016 to the High Desert State Prison grounds. Formerly to be held...

Celebrities Comment On First Debate But We Ignore It

Washington DC - Where dreams of crushing other people's dreams come true.

As both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump rear up to take charge and move head on through the first presidential debate of this election, everyone who’s anyone is now...

Clinton Vs. Trump Compared To Crab Vs. Shoe & Other Dumb Battles

This is just one of many battles we would rather watch than the upcoming debate.

There have been many classic debates and battles over the course of human history. The first televised presidential debate, between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon in 1960, is still...