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Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Have A Problem Remembering Their Friends

The Trumps and Clintons just chilling, planning our demise at the 14th Annual Trump Wedding.

When you first walk into a room at a party, there is a certain amount of acknowledgment you expect to get from your friends and family that already in...

Latest Polls Show That Pandering Will Lose This Election For Everyone

The way to a voter's heart is by taking a picture of you eating something that is stereotypically tied to your racial demographic.

First it was Hillary Clinton saying that she carries hot sauce with her everywhere she goes. Then it was Donald Trump and the taco bowl heard around the world. Next we...

Mike Pence’s Only Major Headlines Are About His Haircut, Including This One

Nope, that’s not even Mike Pence getting a haircut because no one cares about him enough to have royalty free images of him.

After our exposé on how we found out that Mike Pence Is So Unloved And Unimportant That Royalty Free Photos Of Him Do Not Exist, we really expected him to...