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5 Things We’re Surprised We Didn’t Find In Mike Pence’s E-Mails

Fear this man, for he will be the ruination of your soul.

As you may have heard, Mike Pence was using a private e-mail address for work and was phished out of his information in some ridiculous scheme reminiscent of the...

Mike Pence Is A Replicant Android

Do Androids dream of 4 year term limits, the vice presidency and emotionless rhetoric?

Thanks to Mike Pence’s very robotic and emotionless response to a 12 year old girl asking about Donald Trump’s horrible words about women’s looks, we can now come to...

Domino’s Perfects Attack Drones To Kill You, Still Sucks At Making Pizza

This drone is going to kill you.

Domino’s revealed their plan for world domination today, with a drone program that will most likely beat all major tech companies like Amazon and Google to the punch. They...