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Thousands Of Americans Denied “I Voted” Stickers, Invalidating Their Votes

Did you get your I Voted sticker today? If not, you didn't vote.

Americans all over the country took to social media to show off their “I Voted” stickers today, but for some people, the acknowledgement sadly was not there. From state...

Media To Continue Releasing Maps Of Ridiculous Voter Scenarios

America isn't red white and blue, but the people sure were when we were killing all the Native Americans.

If you’ve been paying attention to the last few days worth of news, you’ll notice that many political outlets have been release hypothetical voting maps based on a varying...

Armed Voters To Be Allowed At All Polling Locations This Fall

Bring your sexy ass there to vote.

In a stunning decision, the US Government has decided to allowed armed voters at all polling locations in the forthcoming general election. This surprising announcement has made a shock...