Trump Sides With Billionaire Tony Stark In Civil War

The Avengers stare in disbelief as Donald Trump bumbles his words, again.

After making some bumbling statements regarding the Civil War and Andrew Jackson, President Donald Trump has released a statement to revisit the conversation and clarify his earlier comments on...

Saturday Funnies: A New Wife!

Isn't it funny! He says they have no relationship... after saying they have a relationship. I feel like maybe they are dating?

Saturday Funnies: Life’s A Ball!

Saturday Funnies: Life's A Ball

Because if there is anything we should never take serious, it’s allegations of sexual assault from rich people!

Saturday Funnies! – Grabbing Hands Grab All They Can

Well, we didn’t see that coming! Donald Trump a misogynist? Playing up the idea of unwanted sexual advances being hushed out by money and fame? These are things we’ve...

Saturday Funnies! – What’s Aleppo?

Welcome to our new series of Saturday Funnies! It’s our own brand of new, light-hearted, rib-tickling comics. We’ll lighten the mood, get you slapping your knees and just all...