Saturday Funnies: Life’s A Ball!

Saturday Funnies: Life's A Ball

Because if there is anything we should never take serious, it’s allegations of sexual assault from rich people!

Donald Trump To Be Most Expensive Jobber In WWE History

This election has us all in a submission move.

While Donald Trump has neglected to release his tax returns, our investigative unit has been leaving no stone unturned in order to procure some data to put together to...

Record USA Flooding Tied To White Male Tears

That's right, white boy. Go cry in the rain so no one can tell you're being a little bitch.

While September may officially be National Preparedness Month for floods in the USA, the National Weather Advisory has issued a warning that our flood problems may only worsen by...

The Hoof And Trunk Post Is Back!

We are Anonymouse. We are adorable. We do not leave our house. We are coming for the big cheese. Expect mice.

Thanks for sticking through with us, faithful readers. I had to fight off unwanted, internet miscreants, trying to shut down this shining beacon in a world of mistrusted journalism...


We are Anonymouse. We are adorable. We do not leave our house. We are coming for the big cheese. Expect mice.

Adam Taint thought he could mock us, but he could not. He thought he could belittle us, but he could not. We are Anonymouse and we now own The...

Sports Are More Important Than Anything Else, Ever

Even though we love American Football, we still have to admit that so many of the fans are just awful.

In recent memory, there have been many atrocities committed by unsavory human beings on the soils of this great nation. Psychotic killers, shooting innocent civilians in Orlando, police brutalizing...

NFL Rejects Proposal For “Georgia Crackers” Team As “Racially Insensitive”

This Georgia Crackers helmet will never hit the field, but man, we absolutely love it’s authenticity!

While Native Americans petition the NFL to change the name and imagery of the Washington Redskins, a new team was rejected by the NFL for Georgia. Hailing from Stone...

Trump To Stop Watching Olympics Due To Injuries: “They were too exciting!”

Donald Trump With Marine Corps Foundation Commandants

Presidential Republican nominee, Donald Trump, has reportedly had to cease watching the rest of the Olympic games. Due to the graphic nature of the recent injuries at the games,...