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France To Shut Down All Coal Power Plants By 2023 To Prove That Americans Are Bigger Assholes

Whether this is a coal refinery, oil refinery or Wheat Thins factory, we don't know. We just know it looks bad.

France made a grand announcement at UN’s annual climate change meeting this year, showing everyone else up as they patted themselves on the back. Proving to the whole world...

Stephen Hawking To Trump: “I’m Going To Kick Your F*cking Ass!”

By Jim Campbell/Aero-News Network

Stephen Hawking is one of our last living geniuses. As far as science is concerned, we have many amazing, brilliant scientists alive at the moment, thankfully. Genius, however, is...

Climate Change Debunked By Republican Senator: “I Don’t Feel That Hot”

This is the Earth. This is the Earth on drugs. Any questions?

While NASA believes that we may be experiencing the hottest year in recorded history, as their midyear climate analysis shows, Republican Senator Jim Inhofe has said that he can...