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Your Preferred Candidate Is Leading In The Polls Of Your Favorite News Source

Filling out questionnaires has never been easier when they are basically telling you what to answer.

The figures have just come in and depending on your political leaning, your candidate seems to be winning. This information is a big change over the last election, where...

Government Asks George R.R. Martin To Rewrite Election So That Everyone Dies

The government wants a do-over, and one filled with lots of good deaths.

Just about everyone is tired, fed-up and done with this entire election cycle. It’s been called a joke, appalling, deplorable, embarrassing and a farce. Most people aren’t happy with...

This Article Is Not About Donald Trump

So, some other things are happening that you're paying attention to while the house is burning.

Ah, yes, the circus that is the Presidential Election of 2016. I’ve got some good news for you: we’re not really going to talk much about that today. Today...