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CNN Now Offers Free, Incorrect Legal Advice

The giant globe outside the CNN offices, where dreams are made, dumb things are said and election coverage is annoying.

If you’ve been worried about clicking on those WikiLeaks links, reading up on your favorite or least favorite presidential candidate and maybe being manipulated by foreign hacktivists, well, you...

WikiLeaks Exposes Clinton’s Hottest Lie

At least these red, hot, chilli peppers won't start putting out garbage music after a few records.

Amidst all this election hullabaloo has been on scandal, leak, accusation and revelation after another. From murder conspiracies to sexual assault, this election has run the gamut on unsavory...

WikiLeaks Clinton Docs Less Likely To Release By November Than “Half-Life 3”

Some valves leak information. Others produce video games. The only ones delivering lately just leak water.

There are a few different ways to disappoint the internet. One of them is not having the latest nude shots of their favorite celebrities readily available. Another is to...