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Americans Would Rather Vote For Negan

The potential first lady, Lucille, doing her thing on a Trump supporter zombie.

Well, no one saw that coming. After a very tense night of wondering who was next, American’s decided that they like Negan more than their current choices for president,...

Republican Party Feared Dead At 162 Years Old

It puts the Trunk in Hoof and Trunk. Wait, you just got that now? Finally? Jesus.

At the ripe, old age of 162 years, it is feared that the Republican Party has passed away in it’s sleep. After a post-depression identity crisis, the Republican Party...

Saturday Funnies: Life’s A Ball!

Saturday Funnies: Life's A Ball

Because if there is anything we should never take serious, it’s allegations of sexual assault from rich people!

Rats Fleeing Sinking Ship Offended By Comparison To GOP

Sink or swim? These rats are fleeing, fully clothed and on a boat, with dignity.

It really does take a lot to offend the sensibilities of a rat, but it has happened, and this time you can blame the media. Yes, the conspiracy theorists...

The First 2016 Presidential Debate Was Terrifying

I don't think we even need to describe this photo.

If there is anything that has become more clear with the first presidential debate of 2016, it’s that Lester Holt has no upper lip. Thank goodness for closed captioning...

Researchers Question Trump’s Support of Professional Women, Besides Prostitutes

Oh, those lovely ladies of ill repute. The things they can do for a dollar, and the things they certainly won't do for just a dollar.

In a conversation with Cosmopolitan, Ivanka Trump stated, “My father obviously has a track record of decades of employing women at every level of his company, and supporting women,...

Edible Arrangements To Offer Basket Of Deplorables This Thanksgiving

Well, will you look at that spread! I bet you'd never say those words at a Trump rally!

Edible Arrangements, the company that has been making men and women the envy of their entire workplace for 17 years, is now ready to announce their newest item, the...

Popularity Of Dentists Increase As Donald Trump Becomes More Popular To Hate

Look how cool that dentist is, with all those comic book characters on her and shades for the kid? So cool. COOL.

In a nationwide survey of Americans, we gave a list of different people, professions and celebrities to choose who you hated the most. You answered and the response was...

National Food Poisoning Epidemic Turns Out To Be Distaste Over Current Political Climate

If you think you feel sick now, wait till the debates start.

The CDC has released some information that many will find troubling and potentially disheartening. As many strains of sickness have seemed to affect millions, from coast to coast, the...